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Baby Ballet Slippers

These slippers are sterling for your baby's every day use and any other Ballet shoes on the market, these slippers are made of 100% alpine wool and are shiny black, making them terrific for use in a dark room. They also have a simple design and a sturdy construction, making them first-rate for any activity.

Baby Ballerina Slippers

These Baby ballerina slippers are sterling addition to your nursery or home country, with a stylish floral design and comfortable rubber feet, these slippers will make a virtue of your child's pleasure. The minnie mouse white Ballet flats Baby slippers are sure to keep you on your toes with from0-3 months of age, these Baby Ballet slippers will make your american girl 18 doll feel like a boss! The hard toe style means that these slippers will keep your feet cool and comfortable. The satiny pink color is first-rate for any nautical themed home, these Baby Ballet slippers are top-grade addition to your baby's wardrobe! They have a colorful 1472 design with white polka dots in the front and back. The slim-fit are made to tailor over your baby's feet and are made to walk in, they come in pink with white polka dots and are good of 0-6 months. These Baby Ballet slippers are top-of-the-line for a new born, they are soft and comfortable, and can be used for foot massages and as shoes. They are outstanding outfit for your baby, and are top-of-the-heap for a new born.