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Bison Leather Slippers

Bison Leather slippers is a new line of shoes made with 10% recycled materials, these shoes are designed with a slim design and a heavy weight. They are made with Bison Leather which as well sustainable, they are sure to make a statement with any outfit.


Shearling-lined boots with a soft, leather-like fabric interior, these double sole slippers would be fantastic for a day outdoors in the open grass or sandbar. The moccasins size 10 is a good fit for men for their average to large feet, these shoes are made for people who crave to go into the forest with their livestock. They are sturdy and keep your feet warm and dry, they are peerless pair for a farmer or farmer's wife or man. These slippers are outstanding for a hot summer day, the shearling lining provides comfort, while the blue and brown color scheme gives them a look of sophistication. These slippers are also made to stay clean, as well as being made from durable materials, the leather-lined cabelas brown Leather Bison loafer slippers are top-notch pair of shoes for any man. They are made to macro and are of a good quality, making them an outstanding pair to wear to a party or work meeting.