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Glass Slipper Cupcake Topper

This stylish and stylish Cupcake Topper is valuable for your next Cupcake or cake event! These Cupcake toppers are completed with clear Glass slippers which add a touch of elegance to your event, they make an enticing gift for your next birthday or christmas party.

Top 10 Glass Slipper Cupcake Topper

This fun and unique Glass Slipper Cupcake Topper peerless for a fun and juvenile wedding decoration, these Cupcake toppers are beneficial for a fun or epop wedding or a just a fun moment to share with friends and family. They are sterling for any wedding that needs a little bit of excitement and excitement, this Glass Slipper Cupcake Topper is a terrific substitute to add a little bit of excitement to your wedding photos or just to cover up any holes! They also make a sensational decor for any setting - from a small group dinner to a special moment in front of the camera. This is an 12 clear Cupcake Topper that can be used to add a little bit of excitement to your Cupcake wedding, these slippers are soft and from toppers by herself makes a slippers are excellent surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your Cupcake wedding. They are made from durable materials and look top-of-the-heap with any makeup or hair style, the cupcakes are'///'s are made with delicious Cupcake mix and are covered in taxes of glass. These cupcakes are also outstanding for any type of wedding and will add a touch of excitement and flavor to your event.