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Heat Core Slippers

These slippers are first-class addition to your home shopping experience, they are uncomplicated to wear and are sterling for both indoor and outdoor activities. The slippers come in black, red, or green, and are available in 8-9 or 9-10 sizes.

Heat Core Men's Slippers

These Heat Core men's slippers are must-have for any woman's wardrobe, they are made with and cork for a warm and inviting feel, and a Heat resistant fabric for that extra warmth. The slippers come in a set with a feel-good bonus - a set of basic to use, everyday these slippers are unrivaled solution for suitors cold winter days, they are made with a breathable fabric and hardwood wood sole to ensure your feet are warm and comfortable. They are also good for day-to-day use when you want to feel outside in, the luk womens Heat retaining slipper socks is exquisite for keeping your feet warm when outside during the summer. These slippers are comfortable and have an airtight seal that prevents moisture and bacteria from entering your skin, these luk womens Heat retaining slipper socks are best-in-class answer to your Heat Core slipper needs. They are made from water-resistant fabric and they have a strong built that can take on the most stubborn heat, they are first-class for use with men and women, and they are sure to keep you warm.