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Mama Bear Slippers

These slippers are must-have for any Mama bear, they look and feel nice but they are made of durable memory foam. They are good fit for all feet and are sure to make you look stylish.

Papa Bear Slippers

These papa Bear slippers will make your home feel like a truly warm and cozy place! The comfort and warmth they provide will make you feel happy and at ease, making you feel like you are his only child! These slippers are splendid comfort and warmth for your Mama Bear family, the soft, comfortable fabric will keep you warm and the wondershop medium 78 material is durable and comfortable. These slippers are must-have for any Mama Bear fan! They will support your foot while you're getting ready for bed and keep you comfortable even in bad weather, these slippers are top-notch for folks who enjoy to walk their Mama Bear into the bath. These slippers are made of memory foam and are unequaled fit for these loving women, the blue and red colors are natural and make this slipper an enticing addition to all collection.