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Michael Kors Slippers

These Michael Kors carter black glitter faux fur slippers are fantastic addition to your next party look, they'll add a last of entertainment to your home and help you keep your calm during the weather.

Michael Kors House Slippers

These slippers are first-rate for a hot summer night, they have cheetah fur that feels good on your feet and a solid 10 on comfort index. They're also on sale now at Michael kors, so get them while they're still available! These pink Michael Kors slippers are must-have for any woman who loves nothing more than a hot, dry summer day spent outdoors, made from durable and comfortable leather, these slippers will keep you warm and dry, and hunting your best. These shoes are made of real fur which means they're safety for wear for on long walks in the park ornature, they are also closed at the top so you can wear them as a set or individual piece. They are also in a colors way, with a black and grey design, looking for a pair of slipper like shoes? Don't look anywhere than Michael kors' women slides size 8 collection. These shoes are sensational for any weather conditions and are made with an unique line of shoes that makes it basic to get a first-rate pair of shoes.