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Slippers With Laces

These surgical shoes are made of luxurious With a sensitive and warm feel, they're air-yielding and will make you feel tender feet - With protection from the cold - while walking or running. The closed-toe shoes are just right for when you don't want someone to know you're them, and they'll be able to tell that you're delicate while you're up on stage reading your book.

Best Slippers With Laces

These slippers are outstanding for a summer day spent lounging in the sun! The flowers and green textiles will come out in the sun and look beautiful! The slippers are made up of two similar materials - the fabric and the lace, the lace will be seen more in the tips of the feet and on the outside of the shoes where it will create a little bit the fabric will be seen more in the lower part of the feet and in the (inner profiles of the feet). Lastly, the flat slip on will be made up of green and floral designs, making it a splendid substitute for a day spent outdoors, these slippers come With lace-ups which you can use to increase their longevity. They also have a leatherette lining which is easier to walk in and provides better traction on hardwood floors, finally, their low price-point makes them great for young professionals. They have a stylish, modern design With a bright, colorful leopard print design on the bottom side, they are 11 inches in size and the fit is good. They are made of canvas, so they are sturdy and comfortable to wear, they will stay in top-notch condition even when used often. These slippers are practical substitute for women who yearn to feel comfortable and slip on easy, they are soft and have a push up design to keep your feet warm and cozy. The slippers are also white and sloth pink.