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Teva Ember Moc Slippers - Women's

Our Teva Ember Moc slippers are top-rated for Women who need a little peace of mind when shopping, these slippers take a little time to get used to but they will be top-notch for everyday use and the city.

Teva Slippers Women's

These Teva slippers women's Ember Moc quilted sleeping bag slippers are valuable match for your lifestyle, with their Teva style design and soft, luxurious feel, these slippers will make you feel at ease and warm in the cold night. These slippers are also size 7 which is outstanding for if you have a larger footprint than average, the new size 7 Teva Moc slipper is an enticing substitute for Women who are wanting for a comfortable and stylish walking foot. This footie is fabricated from an Ember Moc material that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, plus, the new size 7 Teva Moc slipper grants a strong and durable design that will not only look splendid but feel great. This slipper Teva Ember sleep bag renders a comfortable and soft fabric, it is conjointly stylish with a blue and green design. The shoes are natural and stylish, the bag also presents a sliver fashion feel to it. These shoes are top-notch for a day at the beach or when you want to feel cool and comfortable, the arona blue fabric is light, airy, and comfortable while the size 7 is good for a variety of outfits.