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Warmies Slippers

These are made of water-based fabric with a fuzzy fur texture, they are also soft and comfortable to wear, first-rate for cold winter days.

Warmies Slippers Walmart

Are a best-in-class solution for when you want to be warm and cozy, these slippers are which are microwaveable and will start to do the job in just a few minutes of being on your skin. Not to mention, they're affordable and will let you be productive and measured with your time, these slippers are best-in-class addition to your inventory - they are fully microwaveable and fit sizes 6-10. They have a lavender scents which is top-of-the-line for any room, these slippers are first-rate for individuals cold winter days. They are made of 100% organic materials and are made to be comfortable and warm, they are 6-10 inches in size and have a brown water lily pattern on the heels and a pink squish can on the feet. These slippers are sensational solution to keep you warm during winter, with a warm and cozy microwaveable environment, these slippers will keep you cozy and warm. The size 6-10 are top-of-the-line for small feet, while the size 6-10 are also enticing for small feet and small words, this product is new and in terrific condition.